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All Hands on Deck

I am glad I waited until this quiet, dark Saturday morning to read Chapter 7 Creating a Shared Vision in George Couros’s The Innovator’s Mindset (2015);┬ásaving my co-workers from my animated summation. THIS is what I mean; THIS is what I want for us too, I am not crazy. The future belongs to those who…

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Passion, Perseverence, and Singular Goals

Every two years we have the opportunity to be inspired by stories of passion, perseverance and dreams of Olympic gold-and this year in Sochi is no different. The media tries to help spin those stories, but sometimes they get it wrong. Every athlete has a unique story to tell, but all seem to share a…

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Those that inspire…teach

I have been a public school educator close to 20 years; I have been an educator my whole life. My grandmother ran one of the first daycares in the country, albeit a small one out of her home, but my mom still tells story about coming home from school to find strange small children in…

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