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Edu-Connections: Reflections on Educon2.4

It has been a week since Educon 2.4.I have needed that time to digest and process the time spent with some of the brightest, most optimistic, passionate thinkers I know. This year, for the first time, I had the opportunity to spend Friday at Science Leadership Academy, to visit classrooms, share moments with students, and…

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Those that inspire…teach

I have been a public school educator close to 20 years; I have been an educator my whole life. My grandmother ran one of the first daycares in the country, albeit a small one out of her home, but my mom still tells story about coming home from school to find strange small children in…

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Unintended Learning

Yesterday’s Google Docs workshop started out with the teacher (me) fully in control. I had gone through Google’s Educator Apps training modules, I had created a 2 page handout, and I had a demo document set up so we could try it out in the workshop. As soon as teachers logged in, however, there was…

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Teachers Rock Minigrant Projects: Part II

In Part I of this blog post, I shared just a few of the lessons learned by the Rollinsford teachers during the planning, implementation and documentation of their minigrant project on the effects of technology on fluency in primary readers. This blog shares some of what the Somersworth minigrant team learned, as well. The Somersworth minigrant team consisted of 2 second grade and 2 third…

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Teachers Rock District Minigrant Projects

Back in the Fall, my two school districts applied for State of NH technology minigrants. In order to apply for the grant funds (Title II D Enhancing Education through Technology)I needed to find teachers willing to plan a technology infused project, implement it with their classrooms,and document their work in a movie. My two teams finished their movies and…

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Do as I say, not as I do

What are we teaching kids implicitly? We love new technology in schools, everyone supports it! It is expected that everyone use technology throughout their day, and teach students how to use it as well. Explicitly, we support the use of technology in our technology plan, in our policies and procedures, in the grant applications we…

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Breaking Newton’s Third Law

“What is Newton’s third law? “ “For every action there is a reaction?” “Yes-for every action there is an equal but opposite reaction. So what do you think your parents and everyone else in the community think you are going to do with the iPods?” “Listen to music and play games!” “Right! So we are…

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It’s all about Relationships

I am firmly convinced you cannot possibly move forward until you get to know each other and work as a team.

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