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Timing is Everything: Readiness to Learn

We all know the cliche: You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink. Last night George Couros posed the question to the Innovator’s Mindset Facebook Group: I am curious to your thoughts on why this group has exploded compared to the last one. We had great participation in the first…

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Passion, Perseverence, and Singular Goals

Every two years we have the opportunity to be inspired by stories of passion, perseverance and dreams of Olympic gold-and this year in Sochi is no different. The media tries to help spin those stories, but sometimes they get it wrong. Every athlete has a unique story to tell, but all seem to share a…

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Unintended Learning

Yesterday’s Google Docs workshop started out with the teacher (me) fully in control. I had gone through Google’s Educator Apps training modules, I had created a 2 page handout, and I had a demo document set up so we could try it out in the workshop. As soon as teachers logged in, however, there was…

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