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On Slowing Down and Learning

Road Signs I have been pondering this post for a couple weeks as I look toward my goals for 2014. I am a firm believer in “signs.” If I stopped long enough to reflect on my actions and consequences, I would recognize the signs I have been rushing by the last couple months. It is…

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Look Back to Learn, Move Forward to Grow

The other day my husband asked me what my goals were for 2014. The question came out of nowhere, but it got me thinking. At work it is that time of year to reflect on goals and learning, and following my first year of running and racing, I have been thinking about personal fitness goals…

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Once is Never Enough

Lately I have been thinking about how my outside -of -work life intersects with my working life, and increasingly I am able to draw more and more parallels between the two. Perhaps it is because my job is relatively new to me, and I have, in the same time span, taken up personal training with…

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Connected Educators

Having dinner with my former middle school teaching colleagues/friends last night reminded me how much fun I used to have thinking about, talking about,  planning for and discussing curriculum and student needs. As we sat around the table engaged in talk about math, social studies and science (I was the ELA teacher) and the differing…

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My Teaching Identity: Reflecting on NCTE 2013

What inspires me? -The opportunity to share my stories with others. My children-grown now, with their own children- are the people they are because of who they were allowed to be in those elementary years. Their stories were valued and their teachers respected their expertise as authors. We all have many stories to tell. I…

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Edu-Connections: Reflections on Educon2.4

It has been a week since Educon 2.4.I have needed that time to digest and process the time spent with some of the brightest, most optimistic, passionate thinkers I know. This year, for the first time, I had the opportunity to spend Friday at Science Leadership Academy, to visit classrooms, share moments with students, and…

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Unlocking the Potential: ISTE 2011-Paying it Forward

Seven years ago I was asked to attend my first National Education Computing Conference (NECC 2004), as a computer using middle school Language Arts teacher, soon to become a Technology Integrator. My friend and colleague the Technology Coordinator recognized my potential-not because I was a techno-whiz, but because I possessed the qualities we now expect…

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Are We There Yet? Reflecting on EduCon 2.3

Last year I attended my first Educon, in person. I was awestruck and filled with “Aha” moments. I bounced from session to session, I met fellow educators face to face with whom I had previously connected online; and I had some wonderful conversations-mostly with my travel companions who I got to know a little better…

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Those that inspire…teach

I have been a public school educator close to 20 years; I have been an educator my whole life. My grandmother ran one of the first daycares in the country, albeit a small one out of her home, but my mom still tells story about coming home from school to find strange small children in…

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Summer Learning, Something’s Begun…

This post may also be read at: The Inspired Classroom In February, upon returning from Educon I blogged about the importance of building relationships in education-and in life. This is true in the classroom, in your school, your district, your community, your family-wherever you are in life. Maybe that is why social networking apps such as Facebook, Twitter,…

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