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Teacher Web 2.0 Tools at a Glance

After overwhelming myself with all of the tools available to classroom teachers at all levels, I decided to create a quick and simple chart to help teachers decide which tool to use based upon their classroom learning needs. Because many of the K-12 teachers I work with are at various levels of technology proficiency, and…

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Everything is difficult before it is easy.

Every time I visit the small, rural K-6 school district on the Maine border, I have to pass through the  gymnasium on my way to the Annex-where kindergarten through grade three lives. And as I head toward the doorway, on my way out of the building, just about eye level on the cinderblock gym wall…

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It’s all about Relationships

I am firmly convinced you cannot possibly move forward until you get to know each other and work as a team.


My First Educon

How do we expect them to be curious about learning if we don’t engage them in dialogue and conversation about what they know?


Happy Friday!

Today I am trying to get started setting up a team of third and fourth grade teachers with their class edublog accounts. But first, I had to figure some things out on my own. For now we will stick with the free version-but so far I am impressed and happy to finally be an edublogger!

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