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Unlocking the Potential: ISTE 2011-Paying it Forward

Seven years ago I was asked to attend my first National Education Computing Conference (NECC 2004), as a computer using middle school Language Arts teacher, soon to become a Technology Integrator. My friend and colleague the Technology Coordinator recognized my potential-not because I was a techno-whiz, but because I possessed the qualities we now expect 21st century teachers to embody: a passion for learning and problem solving, curiosity, reflectiveness, and empathy. Seven years is a lifetime, but in the big scheme of things, it is a nanosecond. What if we, as educators and leaders, asked someone to attend ISTE2012? It may sound corny, but you never know what potential is waiting just beneath the surface if you don’t ask.

I thought about the enormity of resources I could share, the connections and friends I made, the conversations I had that inspired me and engaged me, as I continue to reflect on the  ISTE11 conference experience. But as I look toward the 2011-2012 school year and the potential that waits to be unlocked, I challenge you to share your favorite apps, websites, lessons, and social networking tools with not only your colleagues, but your friends, relatives and neighbors. It is not just a teacher thing-everyone knows a teacher, and everyone lives in a community with a school. If we keep our learning to ourselves-those that think as we do, then we will never know what potential is waiting beneath the surface. Please be obnoxious about your sharing. You never know where that one little kernel of knowledge will end up.

Some of my favorite ISTE11 take-aways:

SATURDAY-From the Affiliates Meeting : ISTE Affiliates Wiki http://affiliates.iste.wikispaces.net/Affiliates+Home awesome resource for your affiliates and others!

SUNDAY- Site of the first Continental Congress, a printing press and Ben Franklin’s tenement house; ironically enough, our forefathers were 21st century thinkers;-)

via Kathleen McClasky,Ed Tech Associates: Yateslab.com SMART notebook activities for Everyday Math Lessons, Grades 3-5

Science360 App– A beautiful app by the National Science Foundation


Yoon Soo Lim, Elizabeth Peterson, Michelle Baldwin and Kyle Pace: Music and Tech-Harmony in the Making:  https://sites.google.com/site/musicandtechharmony/

My friends Yoon Soo Lim (@doremigirl) has an amazing voice, Elizabeth Peterson (The Inspired Classroom) has limitless energy and creativity-check out her 4th gr math raps, Michelle Bladwin is an expert at making the connections- and Drum Circles, and Kyle Pace has done amazing things in Lee’s Summit MO-check out his district tech page for all the resources you will ever need! http://its.leesummit.k12.mo.us/

Using Music and Images Ethically in Multimedia Writing  Sandy Hayes, Becker Middle School and NCTE : This was a fantastic session discussing what fair use is and isn’t; check out:

Filmography 2010 Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I4dEWOB6THE



PBL with Mobil Devices Tony Vincent  http://learninginhand.com/pbl/ Awesome to see Tony Vincent live! For cat lovers- there are apps for cats;-)

Favorite iPad Browsers: Perfectbrowser, Atomic Browser, SidebySide and iswifter

Storykit- combine image, drawing, text and voice to create a storybook, or view online as a web page.

I also met Chris Betcher (@betchaboy) and he was kind enough to give me a copy of his paperback book: The Interactive White board revolution, featuring examples of how teachers are revolutionizing teaching with these devices.


Jodie Bower, Putnam City HS, Teacher of the Year finalist in OK @fzzktchr and The Science Classroom Blog, Thanks to Eric Hiielman, @ittosde, for introducing us!

BYO Cell Phone: Collaborative Activities for the Classroom- Powerpoint on ISTE11 Planner Website; I can’t wait to use some of the polling and chat activities with our administrators!

Skyline High School Curriculum and Portfolio Integration Project using Google tools- this was my favorite session takeaway-not so much for its innovative use of Google tools, but for how prepared and engaging the presenters were. They have a clear, easy to follow procedure for introducing Google sites and docs with staff and students; love it!


INTEL TEACH Free teacher PD http://www.intel.com/about/corporateresponsibility/education/programs/intelteach_us/program.htm

Renaissance Learning- FREE TRAINING http://www.renlearn.com/training/search/default.aspx?p=2KNOW&t=Classroom+Response&r=Return+to+2Know!

Cathy Brophy • July 4, 2011

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  1. Yoon Soo Lim July 4, 2011 - 9:46 am Reply


    It’s always a pleasure to see you, my friend. You’ve attended some great sessions. Thanks for listing the links and including our session. I’m thankful for our connection and for the time we were able to spend during ISTE!


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