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Are We There Yet? Reflecting on EduCon 2.3

Last year I attended my first Educon, in person. I was awestruck and filled with “Aha” moments. I bounced from session to session, I met fellow educators face to face with whom I had previously connected online; and I had some wonderful conversations-mostly with my travel companions who I got to know a little better and care about a little bit more. I forged new relationships and strengthened existing ones. I wondered, “How can we replicate this in our own state?”

This year I was looking forward to Educon, but not with the same enthusiasm and excitement as one does when they experience something for the very first time. I am reminded of the television commercial about Disney World in which a little boy is too excited to sleep because he is leaving for Disney in the morning. That was me last year. This year I was a bit more realistic. My plan was to peruse the schedule, support my colleagues by attending their sessions, create new relationships and strengthen existing relationships. I accomplished my goals and then some!

I have been accused, tongue in cheek, for a very long time, of being a “visionary.” My colleagues tell me the education world is not ready for me. But this is me, and this is how I think, for better or for worse. I am the “Why not?” person that refuses to settle.

So here I am, back home, trying to mold my thoughts and ideas into reality, while at the same time, staying true to my vision for the future. I appreciate the  Educon weekend,  and I love being able to support SLA, but more importantly, I appreciate the face to face time I get to spend having conversations with colleagues from around the globe, including those in my own backyard, who inspire me and at the same time keep me grounded in reality.

Cathy Brophy • February 3, 2011

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