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Teacher Web 2.0 Tools at a Glance

After overwhelming myself with all of the tools available to classroom teachers at all levels, I decided to create a quick and simple chart to help teachers decide which tool to use based upon their classroom learning needs. Because many of the K-12 teachers I work with are at various levels of technology proficiency, and their needs may be quite different, how do they decide when to use a wiki or a blog or google docs? Please let me know what you think-this is my first draft.



Google Docs/Office Live





organize and share bookmarks

Group Projects

social network for sharing ideas,conversations, resources

share ideas,resources,media 140 characters or less

share ideas, resources,media

Share ideas, resources with a specific audience

public or private

writing collaboratively

informal community with common interests


place to organize and share content

Receive feedback,commentary

can network,collaborate globally

organizing work,sharing information

personal profile-multiple members

public ,personal, or private-global

public or private-by invitation

authored by 1 person


public or private-by invitation

by invitation

1 author


1 or more authors-collaborative

public or protected


multiple members-collaborative environment





To help edit this document, go to the following Googledoc link:

Simple Web 2.0 Tools




Cathy Brophy • February 23, 2010

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  1. L. Hilt May 10, 2010 - 6:29 am Reply

    Great idea to organize this information graphically. Might mimic this idea for a resource I’ll work on this summer for my staff!

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